Organizational Chart

The World Congress of Families is an iniciative of the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society.

Named in honor of American educator and cultural critic John Addison Howard, The Howard Center is unique among serious students of family, religion, and a free society. Publishers of The Family in America, New Research, and The Religion & Society Report, The Howard Center is a leader among conservative and pro-family intellectual thought. As founder and co-convener of the World Congress of Families, The Howard Center shines a bright light of truth for all families of the world struggling to keep structurally intact, educated and informed, and insulated from modernist attacks. The Howard Center truly is a center for research, and the home for solutions. Dr. Allan C. Carlson is president of The Howard Center.

The WCF has two organization committees:

  • International Managing Committee: made up of WCF partners
  • Local Organization Committee in Spain: hosted by is a Spanish civil organization that works to protect and promote life, family, and basic human rights and freedoms based on a Christian conception of manhood and society.

The Local Organization Committee is formed by:

  • Director: Ignacio Arsuaga Rato.
  • Manager: Luis Tejedor López.
  • Logistics Responsible: Mª Concepción Rivero.
  • Communication and press: Nicolás de Cárdenas.
  • Multimedia and Social Media: Francisco Javier Jiménez.
  • Finance: Álvaro Zulueta.

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