The World Congress of Families project was founded in 1997 by Dr. Allan C. Carlson Ph.D.

Previous WCF:

  • WCF I, held in Prague, Chez Republic, in 1997, gathered over 700 delegates from 200 organizations from 43 different nations. WCF I focused especially on family reconstruction in the post-communist nations.
  • WCF II took place in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1999, gathered 1600 delegates from 270 organizations from 65 nations. WCF II focused in the anti-family politics being pursued at the UN.
  • WCF III was held in Mexico City in 2004 and gathered 3300 delegates from 75 different countries.
  • WCF IV was celebrated in Warsaw, Poland, in 2007, and gathered more than 3,900 dellegates from all around the world. WCF IV focused on the reality and consequences of the “demographic winter”
  • WCF V, held in Amsterdam, Holland, in 2009 gathered delegates from 63 different nations, and focused on the institution that Natural Family is.

At the same time, different WCF regional congresses have been held during the last years.

WCF VI will take place in Madrid, Spain in May 2012, a unique opportunity for pro-family and pro-life organizations and individuals from all around the world.

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