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The City of Madrid

Madrid Spain’s capital city and the Community of Madrid. It is located a few miles from the geographic center of the Iberian peninsula by the river Manzanares.

Its climate is continental Mediterranean, with a temperature whose annual average of 13 º C, but has a wide range of temperatures: in summer there are maximum exceeding sometimes 40 ° C, while in January the temperature down to 5 ° C.

Only 46.6% of its residents were born in the city.

It originated in the times of Muslim emir Muhammad I (852-886), who built a fortress on the left bank of the Manzanares River. Alfonso VI conquered it in 1083. Felipe II moved the Court to Madrid in 1561, and thereafter the town was transformed under the leadership of the monarchs of the House of Habsburg.
It was a Bourbon, Charles III, who modernized it in the eighteenth century. He drew the great arteries of the city, as the ride of Castellana, Recoletos, the Prado and the Acacias.
In the nineteenth century was marked by the War of Independence-shooting of May 2.

Today is a cosmopolitan, open, intense cultural and night life, and home to one of the first classical galleries in the world, the Museo del Prado.

The Palace of Congresses

The Palacio de Congresos de Madrid is a key reference within the meeting, incentive and convention market in Madrid and Spain. Its exceptional benefits contribuite to place the venue among the leading convention centres of Europe: location in the heart of the financial district of the city; multi-purpose facilities with an Auditorium for 1.909 delegates, meeting rooms for a maximum of 400 people, and an exhibition area of more than 3.000 sqm; and a wide experience hosting congresses and exhibitions for more than 35 years.

Its main activity is the renting of its facilities to celebrate congresses, meetings, exhitibions, etc, as well as the render of services required to organise these activites.1

More information: Palacio de Congresos de Madrid leaflet.


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