Call for Research Papers and Posters

The World Congress of Families is an extraordinary opportunity to share information on the matters which will be covered. Participants are invited to make use of this Forum to make known their investigations and ideas in support of the family or to clarify any related matter.

General basis for submission of communications

Register at the Congress. Communications which do not fulfill this requirement will not be accepted.

All participants are invited to submit summaries of scientific documents which will be reviewed for acceptance by the International Scientific Committee.

Once the summary is accepted by the Congress´s academic coordination, a confirmation will be sent to the author so that he/she may develop the work outlined in the communication, enlarging on the main ideas in the approved summary.

At the same time, the author must create a poster which makes the content of the communication visually explicit (cf. examples at the end of this page).

The two best works, as judged by the Scientific Committee, will be rewarded by the organization with a brief time, no longer than ten minutes, to verbally explain their work to the Congress participants.

The remaining works will be allowed space in the communications area where the summary posters will be displayed together with the communications.


The communications must be about one of the themes in the General Program of the Congress, or related to these themes: marriage and the family, freedom of education, religious liberty, demographics…  For any other themes kindly enquire at Coordination for the Area of Communications and Posters.

Submission procedures:

–          Summaries must be submitted via e-mail to

–          You should receive a receipt for submission of the summary. If not received, please send an e-mail to to make certain that we have received your summary.

–          The author is responsible for submitting a correct summary; any error with regard to composition, grammar or scientific fact will be copied exactly as written by the author.

–          Submission of a summary presupposes the author´s engagement to present it to the Congress if accepted.

–          Summaries may not exceed one page in length. They must be composed as a Word document, with body of text typed in Arial, size 10 point Arial letters

–          Later communications which are developed must follow this same indication (text  body typed in Arial 10), and may not exceed five pages.

–          Summaries must be submitted in Spanish or English and in the format indicated in this web.

–          Write the title in capitals and do not include subtitles in the text.

–          Insert outlines in the place where they are to appear.

Any summary which does not comply with these requirements cannot be accepted.


Selections are open until May, 3rd  2012 for submission of summary and poster synopsis.

Cut-off date for submission of developed communications and their poster synopsis is the 15th of May.

Procedures for display of POSTER


The poster display stands are to be found in the first floor hall, just above the exposition area. All posters must be displayed during the conference days and each presenter must install his poster as from 09:00 hours, Friday, the 25th of May.

Poster display stand size is 120 cm high by 90 cm wide.

Posters which have not been dismounted by 17:45 hours on Sunday the 27th of May will be removed and the Congress organization may dispose of them if they are not claimed.

Sample of posters:


The summaries of the documents accepted will be published in the CD of summaries distributed to all participants in the Congress, and in publications written after the VI World Congress of Families.


Submission of the summary does not imply automatic inscription in the Congress: this must be done separately. Kindly remember that it is indispensable to register in order to submit summaries.

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