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The International Parliamentary Forum, which took place as a part of the alternative program to the World Congress of Families 2012 in Madrid, gathered nearly a hundred politicians and leaders of civic, educational and research organizations from more than 20 countries to analyze and propose solutions addressing the political and international legislative areas as well as the participation and impact of civil society.

It was, indeed, a prolific meeting among political representatives and civil society leaders focused on the study and the defense of the family: a multidisciplinary meeting parting from unity that springs from a common cause and shared values and the aspiration with which it was born was fulfilled: to gather unite efforts and synergies to achieve a reform of all the legislations that at the present time, attack, undervalue, reject or undermine human dignity, the natural family and the defense of life as well as to propitiate greater effectiveness on the part of civil society and of citizen participation.

The International Parliamentary Forum, coordinated by Leonor Tamayo, Head of the International Area of Profesionales por la Ética and chaired by Mr. Jaime Mayor Oreja, Mrs. Anna Záborská and Larry Jacobs, included the following interventions:

  • D.Marcelo Bartolini. TAD centro de análisis y propuesta estratégica
  • D.Ignacio Buqueras. Comisión Nacional para la Racionalización de los Horarios Españoles
  • D.José Antonio Díez. ANDOC
  • D.Fabián Fernández de Alarcón. Profesionales por la Ética
  • D.José Ignacio Gómez León. Asociación pro-derechos del niño SOS Papá
  • D.Nicolás Jouvé. CíVICA
  • D.Fernando Larraín. SOS Familia
  • D.Javier Menéndez Ros. Ayuda a la Iglesia Necesitada
  • D.Juan Sebastián Morales Gámez. Constitución y Libertad
  • Dña.Ana María Ramírez. Red Familia Colombia
  • D.Esteban Rodríguez Martín. Ginecólogos DAV
  • D. Luis Losada. Intereconomía TV
  • D. Vicente Segú. Incluyendo México
  • D. John Mueller. The Lehrman Institute Fellow in Economics
  • D.Roger Kiska. Alliance Defence Fund
  • Alexey Komov. President FamilyPolicy.Ru Advocacy Group
  • Dña.Gwendolyn Landolt .Real Women of Canada
  • Dña.Gudrun Kugler. Observatory on Intolerance and discrimination against Christians in Europe.
  • Dña.Babette Francis. Endeavour Forum.
  • D.Paul Coleman. Alliance Defence Fund
  • D. Silvio Dalla Valle. Associazione per la Difesa dei Valori Cristiani
  • D. Austin Ruse. C-FAM
  • Dña.Lourdes Méndez Monasterio. Partido Popular español
  • Dña.Inmaculada Sánchez Ramos. Partido Popular español
  • Dña.Liliana Negre de Alonso. Senado de Argentina
  • D.Luis Peral. Senado de España
  • D.Alberto San Juan Llorente. Red Madrileña de Municipios por la Familia
  • D.Peter Westmore. National Civic Council
  • D. Luca Volontè. Grupo Popular Europeo. CoE

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